GESi Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

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  • A high flow diesel oxidation catalyst 200 cpsi
  • the substrate is 3.88” in diameter and 3.5” long installed in a 304SS mantle that is 4.0” in diameter and 4’ long
  • The substrate is metallic and is rolled and corrugated with nickel strips in between every layer so that when it goes into the oven all the contact points are furnace braised as is the substrate to the inside of the mantle resulting in a substrate that will never telescope even under extreme exhaust temperatures and exhaust flows.
  • The cones are CNC spun 304SS and are designed to insert inside the mantle and butt up against the substrate and then they are welded to the mantle. We call this our “double lock” feature so that in addition to the furnace braising of the substrate layers and the substrate to the mantle, the cones are an added layer of protection that when butt up to the substrate and welded to the mantle will prevent the substrate from ever moving  
  • The substrate is coated with our proprietary coating of precious metals to reduce carbon monoxide (CO) and non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC) through oxidation and this coating will also reduce diesel particulate matter (soot or PM) by approximately 25%-30%
  • These diesel oxidation catalysts are designed for a variety of application locations including turbo kits, manifolds and exhaust pipes


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