TDI Performance Parts:

Will I have a Check Engine Light after doing the DPF Delete Kit?           

As long as the proper Malone Tuning software is installed in conjunction with the DPF delete downpipe and midpipe, you will NOT have a check engine light on for anything related to the exhaust system. If you already have a check engine light, or DPF light on for a problem with your exhaust, this will be cured at the same time. Rest assured that the check engine light will still be 100% functional and in the event that there is a problem with something unrelated to your exhaust in the future, the light will come on to notify you.

What are the power increases?

Power and torque are increased substantially. Volkswagen rates stock power for the North American 2.0L CR TDI engine at 140HP and 240Lbs-ft. With a Rawtek DPF delete exhaust system and Malone stage 2 tune, we have seen 185WHP and over 340WTQ or approximately *210HP and 386TQ at the engine. That is an increase of 70HP and 146TQ beyond stock ratings ... RELIABLY! *calculated using a standard 15% drivetrain loss.

Can I do the installation myself?

Yes! Detailed parts installation guides are available for download at the bottom of the product pages and on the Instructions & Guides page. Basic mechanical skills and some specialized tools are required so if you are not accustomed to working on your car, we recommend that you take the installation to a reputable shop. Most Malone tuning dealers are well qualified to perform the installation.

Do I really need to tune my ECM to use the DPF delete kit?

Yes! In order for the vehicle to run properly without any check engine lights or fault codes, your ECM must have the appropriate tune for the parts installed.

How long does it take to install the Rawtek DPF delete kit?

Installation time averages 4 hours but can take longer if you do not have access to a vehicle lift or if your original parts are damaged or rusted.

How do I get my ECM tuned?
ECM's for the CR 2.0L TDI's cannot be tuned via the OBD port like earlier models. The ecu must be removed from the car, carefully opened  and then tuned on the bench. Rawtek is proud to be an authorized Malone Tuning dealer and we can generally provide same day turnaround on ECMs that are mailed to us. Any other authorized Malone Tuning dealer can also tune your ECM but you must inform them if you will be installing a Rawtek DPF Delete Kit. Click on the following links for more information:

Tuning Schedule and Turn Around Time:

Malone Tuning services are available through Rawtek on the following weekdays:
  • Mondays (8am - 4pm EST)
  • No Tuning on Tuesdays (if we receive your ECM on Tuesday, it will only be tuned the following day)
  • Wednesday (8am - 4pm EST)
  • Thursday (8am - 4pm EST)
  • Friday (8am - 2pm EST)
  • Saturday (Closed - No Tuning)
  • Sunday (Closed - No Tuning)
ECM's are usually tuned and shipped back out the same day we get them. If we receive your ECM late in the day, or on a Tuesday, it will be shipped back out the next business day. Please note that if we receive your ECM late on Friday, it will not ship until Monday. So if you are in a rush to get your ECM tuned please try to avoid having us receive it on Tuesday or Friday.
How do I get my DSG transmission tuned?

Your DSG transmission must be tuned on the vehicle, meaning we cannot tune it by mail order. There are two ways you can get your DSG transmission tuned:

  1. Have an authorized Malone Tuning Dealer tune it for you,
For more information concerning DSG tuning please feel free to contact Malone Tuning here or see the DSG tuning page on their website here.
Notes: DSG tuning is separate from ECM tuning. Rawtek only offers DSG tuning when the vehicle is on site.
Why do you only offer Malone Tuning?

Malone Tuning is the best VW TDI tuner out there, bar none! We worked closely with Malone during the development of our parts and have been consistently impressed with the power, reliability and customer service.

Do I need the Resonator and why?

First of all, the resonator is 100% straight through and causes zero power loss and because of it's unique shape it will not affect ground clearance. Whether or not you need a resonator depends on what type of sound you are looking for. If loud and raw is what you are after then you do not need it. If you want something a little more subtle or you do a lot of long distance driving, then you do need it. We highly recommend the resonator when you have a complete turbo back exhaust, because without it, the car will be quite loud and will tend to drone on the highway. The resonator eliminates drone entirely and brings the overal volume down to a reasonable yet sporty level. You will hear a deep performance note when you are hard on the throttle but it will not be intrusive at idle or cruise. If you plan on keeping the stock rear exhaust with muffler then you can get away with not having the resonator. The stock muffler will quiet down the exhaust enough for most people but the resonator will provide a smoother, more refined tone.

Which midpipe should I get?
The factors to consider when choosing a midpipe are Budget, Environment and Sound Quality.  The chart below will help you choose components based on your priorities:
  • Budget - Straight Pipe
  • Environment - High Flow Cat
  • Sound Quality - Resonator
  • Environment and Quietness - High Flow Cat and Resonator
See the following FAQs for more information:

Do I need the high flow catalytic converter and why?

Do I need the resonator and why?

Will the exhaust drone on the highway?

The only time your exhaust will drone while cruising on the highway will be if you have a complete exhaust system with no muffler or resonator. This is why we strongly suggest a resonator when buying a complete turbo back exhaust. As long as you have a resonator or you are keeping your stock rear exhaust with muffler, your car will not drone.

What will my car sound like?
The best way to explain how your car will sound like is to show you. We will be making some detailed sound clips of all of our exhaust systems this spring. In the mean time you can find many exhaust sound clips from some of our existing customers here.
Will my DSG transmission handle the extra torque?

Whenever you increase the torque output of the motor, the DSG transmission must be tuned to compensate. If you do not tune the DSG transmission to match the increased torque, you will experience rough shifts that could damage your transmission over time. There is one option that will allow you to delete the DPF without having to tune your DSG. This is called the ECONO tune from Malone Tuning. The ECONO tune will allow your car to run properly without the DPF while maintaining stock power levels. This tune is designed for minimizing fuel consumption and not for maximum power.

Will my car make black smoke?
Econo Tune: No black smoke ever! Stage 1 with stock exhaust: No black smoke ever! Stage 1 with DPF delete: No black smoke at idle or cruise, but some under hard acceleration. Stage 2 with DPF delete: No black smoke at idel or cruise, but yes under hard acceleration.
Will my clutch hold all that torque?

Yes! To date we have not heard any incidents of clutches slipping. On our Rawtek MK6 Jetta TDI we have the most aggressive stage 2 tune with our complete DPF delete exhaust and we drive it quite hard. We have never had the clutch slip... ever!

What about emissions?
Removing or tampering with any factory emissions components is illegal. Our DPF delete kits are intended for OFF ROAD USE ONLY!
Will these parts and/or tuning affect the reliability of my car?
YES!  Your car will be MORE reliable. The Rawtek DPF Delete Downpipe and other performance exhaust parts, will actually make your car more dependable. Here is a list of the most common reliability issues with the CR 2.0L TDI engine:
  • Clogged or failed DPF
  • Burnt out EGT Sensors (can cause DPF to fail)
  • Failed exhaust flap valve
  • EGR system failure
  • Condensation in EGR leading to water locking the engine
With our exhaust kit all these unreliable parts are eliminated and you will never have to deal with these issues. If you have already experienced any of these problems, then our parts are the solution. What's more... Malone Tunes are designed not to push the engine or turbo beyond their physical limitations. All the power increases are made without the added stress of increased turbo boost pressure or fuel pump pressure. To date we have never heard of anybody experiencing any reliability issues related to Malone Tuning.
Will these parts void my warranty?
Legally speaking... No, your warranty should not be affected because there is no added stress placed on your original parts. Realistically... If you are concerned, talk to your dealership and explain that the tuning does not alter turbo boost pressure or fuel pump pressure. You may also want to mention that the most problematic components of your car will be deleted and will therefore never need to be replaced under warranty. Unfortunately... Some dealerships will look for any excuse to deny a warranty claim. Remember that you can always reinstall your original parts if a major warranty issue should arrise.
What are the fuel mileage gains?
Under normal driving conditions we see up to a *15% increase in MPG. In most cases this translates to about 5 - 8 MPG better than stock. If your DPF is already blocked or starting to block, you may be getting poor gas mileage to start with so the gains would be significantly more. *15% is an average based on customer feedback and experience with our test vehicle. Individual results will vary depending on local climate and driving style.
I drive a Sprinter, how can I read fault codes?
The ongoing headache dealing with a Certified Mercedes dealer, or finding a local shop that has the proper diagnostic tools is enough to drive any person crazy. Our guru's at Malone tuning have tried multiple aftermarket options, and have settled on one easy, cheap tool that allows you to scan codes through the OBD port directly to your mobile device! Just pop over to Amazon and search this - BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone, iPad & Android it's 99$ and you can use it to scan codes, monitor boost or EGT levels and more!