Note: This Lifetime Guarantee applies to exhaust and intake products manufactured by Rawtek and sold under the Rawtek brand name. Other products such as clutches, turbo kits, gauges, tunes, etc., are subject to the original manufacturer warranty. For more specific information or clarification, please contact our customer service department at

It's plain and simple. We guarantee our products for life because we build them to last forever. The reality is, we don't live in a perfect world and on very rare occasions, defects can and will show up. If you are unlucky enough to ever see a defect in any of our parts, rest assured that we will handle it in the friendliest and most professional way possible.

If an item is defective before you install it, or simply not as advertised, you have 60 days from the shipping date, to return that item to us for a hassle free refund of the full amount including shipping, or exchange.

If an item is defective after you install it, provided that it was installed correctly, and that the warranty of that item is still valid, we will send you a replacement free of charge right away, as long as we have stock on that item. If we do not have stock or you are simply not satisfied with the product we will issue you a refund for the full amount including shipping. You will need to return the defective part to us. Check out our Hassle Free Refund Policy for complete details.

The only part that we do not warranty for life is the exhaust flex pipe. The warranty for an exhaust flex pipe that is part of a Rawtek exhaust product, is 1 year from the date of purchase. The reason we cannot warranty a flex pipe for life is simple. Even the flex pipes that we use, which are only the best ones available on market, have their limitations. Flex pipes are designed to absorb engine movement and vibration. If an engine is moving too much due to a bad or improperly installed engine mount, or for any other reason such as a car accident, etc., then damage to the flex pipe can be expected. If a flex pipe were to fail for one reason or another, it would be next to impossible to prove what that reason may be. The purpose of our 1 year flex pipe warranty is to cover a flex pipe that could have been defective from the start. For the record, we have never had to replace a part due to a defective flex pipe.

Our Lifetime Guarantee is applicable to the original purchaser of the product.