About Us

Rawtek Performance Fabrication Inc. has been a growing custom intake and exhaust shop in the Montreal, Canada since 2006. It’s owner, Rick along with the rest of the Rawtek team have been working diligently to build a reputation for outstanding quality and customer service. In 2011 the team focused their efforts on the development of premium quality performance products specifically for the VW TDI market. Their products have since earned the same reputation for quality and customer service in the TDI community. Their growing line of TDI performance products now includes, DPF (diesel particulate filter) & EGR delete kits, resonators, high flow catalytic converters, cat-back exhaust systems and cold air intakes.

Though Rawtek continues to develop new performance products for TDI vehicles, they are also focusing on designing a complete assortment of exhaust fabrication components for other shops and home fabricators looking to maintain the same ultra high quality standards.

In 2013 Rawtek became the first official online supplier of Cortek Hand Crafted Mufflers. With this new partnership Rawtek can now provide other fabricators with all the same performance exhaust fabrication parts that have helped them build a sterling reputation.

All these fabrication components are now readily available for purchase from the online store. In the coming years Rawtek will continue it’s commitment to bringing fabricators new and innovative products to help simplify their jobs and enhance their results.