Tim Frey – 2012 Golf TDI

Hey guys,

I just completed the install of the DPF delete, mid pipe with resonator, and rear exhaust system on my 2012 VW Golf TDi. I received the ECU back from you with the Malone stage 1.5 and it plugged right up and started just as it did from the factory. Just cruising down the highway or around town, you can’t even tell that it is not the factory setup. It is quiet and smooth with no hesitation and it feels as how I would expect this to run, flawless. Rolling onto the throttle is stunning, smooth power delivery with zero turbo lag that brings an ear to ear smile on my face. The exhaust note under load is the perfect diesel sound that is throaty and very pleasing to the ears. I just wanted to let you guys know how impressed I am with this combo and the work that you guys do. I am truly looking forward to putting some more miles on the car and seeing how the MPGs increased. For the first time since I can remember, I am actually excited to go to work in the morning just so I can drive this heavenly combo of beautiful exhaust and glorious tune. Once again, thank you for the help and support and looking forward to doing business with you again in the near future.


-Tim Frey

Mariusz – 2014 Jetta TDI Manual

Hey guys, i just wanted to give you some info, I got 58mpg on a 207 mile run through the Adirondack mountains with speed ranging from 60-80 mpg with no cruse or AC on. Wow what a difference between the resonator and the straight pipe versions, that 14″ resonator is pretty amazing, but I have to admit its hard to keep your foot off the gas pedal with the straight pipe on. Overall I am very very happy I chose to go with you guys. I have no problem in showing off the system and craftsmanship that went into it down at Waterfest this year. Keep up the amazing work thanks again!


Brandon – 2013 Jetta TDI

Dear Rawtek,

I recently purchased your DPF delete down pipe, mid pipe, and cat delete pipe with no resonator. Also had the car tuned stage two with Malone tuning which was a great pair. I knew there would be a difference in power but your product along with Malone far exceeded any of my expectations. I own a 2013 Jetta TDI 6 speed. I’m definitely recommending this to any other TDI owners. The price of the parts and tune where understandably priced due to being handmade. The quality was excellent and with the extra 10 miles per gallon I’m seeing it will more than pay for itself.

Josh – 2011 VW Jetta TDI Manual

Finding time off to ship my ECU to the shop was tough, so the first chance I had a couple days off I made the road trip to Rawtek ( 9 hours each way). The customer service and work quality is top notch! My 2011 Jetta TDI is a different car with the DPF delete, Malone stage 2 , and 3 inch exhaust! Literally night and day!

Steven – 2009 VW Jetta TDI DSG

When my light (CEL) had came on 3 times at 108k miles. I knew the DPF is almost dead.

Rawtek parts came in last week. They looked well made, and were nicely packed, the packing alone filled a large trash can. I decided to have Poly dyn coat the down pipe with a ceramic thermal coating to try to further reduce heat into the A/C, and cabin before install. While not a problem up North, here in Houston,TX we average 100 days per year over 90 degrees out, and humidity is always high, as the area is a swamp, and it has salt water on 2 sides.

Got it all done last night, thanks to Das Autohaus, so I could not see if I was rolling any coal. Drove it today, and never seen any smoke at all. I’m running high flow cat, resonator, into the stock muffler, if its any noisier than stock, its not much. Perfect, no smoke, no loud noises. I always liked sleepers. I was already at Malone 2.0 so I was not expecting much in the way of more power, but the response is up nicely. The new response may even require looking at a new posi diff.

Its March 15th, 2014, 68 degrees and cloudy, with light rain today. Pyro temp at 70 mph cruise is down around 550 to 570, it was 620 to 660. Where I see a big difference is when I’m off the pedal. Before it would drop about 5 to 10 degrees per sec of coasting, but today I let off at 560 degree, in under 9 secs it was under 300 degrees.

Also based on the dash gauge, a mix drive of Houston city and highway, including 3 or 4 hard stabs at the pedal, enough to spin tires in 2nd with DSG, and a short 90+ mph blast, I was still showing 42.6 mpg, which is where I was on a good all highway trip before. When I manually checked it before it was always within 1 to 2 mpg, I will recheck when I fill up next.

In short, thanks a lot guys, it’s a whole lot fun to drive now, other than this stuff, I have only added a 27 mm rear sway bar, and better brake lines.

Valerie Wilson

Ordering from Rawtek was fast and easy, they were helpful and knowledgeable of what I needed since I was ordering it as a gift for my husband. The product improved the performance and gas mileage of our car, as well. They also offered the best value over other companies for the same products. We would recommend Rawtek to others.

Thank you!

Anonymous – 2013 Jetta TDI


I just wanted to thank you, and the guys at Rawtek for such a great product! In conjunction with my Stage 2 Malone tune, my 2013 Jetta is much more fun to drive than when it was stock. I have noticed better performance, I love the new sound, and about 6 MPG better in fuel economy! (If I can stay off the go-pedal anyway!)  I say, it has definitely exceeded my expectations, and I am always receiving compliments from other car guys on the sound, performance, and of course the TDIs great fuel economy. Your staff made it very easy to order and I received my exhaust within a week. You truly have a great product, and if the opportunity comes up again, I would not hesitate to order from you guys again!

Many thanks!

Dick Fleeger – 2012 Jetta TDI


My ’12 tdi has benefited greatly from your product in almost all respects. It is much more responsive to drive, the sound is deep and not like most “ricers” out there, and the added 3-6 MPG (depending on the driver’s mood) certainly helps the wallet. I have been enjoying the pairing of the exhaust system with the stage 2 Malone tune.

On the service end of the transaction all the representatives I spoke with could not be more helpful. There was an issue with my order (ran out of cortek resonators) and I received a very apologetic phone call and a substitute resonator was sent with the package. If I remember correctly it took about 10 days for the hardware to arrive, which is more than fast considering it was shipped to SW Pennsylvania.

I would absolutely recommend Rawtek to others looking to get the added performance and “fun” out of their vehicles.  If you own a TDI and are looking for a reasonably priced upgrade Rawtek is the way to go.

From a VERY satisfied customer.

David Terry – 2010 Jetta TDI


I just want to tell you and your potential customers the same thing that I tell EVERYONE who has a TDI. You HAVE to get a Rawtek DPF Delete Downpipe and Exhaust.

I actually track my TDI as well as drive it around 30k miles per year and the car feels as though it should have come from the factory this way. Much more power through a longer range. No more stalling, and I am averaging around 6mpg more after the upgrade. Also I don’t have to worry about the DPF getting sooted up and overloading  my turbo.

The quality of the pipes is nothing short of amazing and the installation instructions and fitment is absolutely the best I have seen. I have put exhaust on every car I have owned and Rawtek has better quality than a lot of the heavy hitters in the game.

Even though i am across the border in the US the transactions were very easy and fast and the guys at Rawtek were very helpful and fast to get back with any questions I had.

I will absolutely be purchasing Rawtek products again starting with the cat-back piping in the spring.

Thanks for supporting the TDI world!

Kurt Bayburt – 2012 Jetta TDI


Before I ordered the exhaust system, I had called & spoken with one of your employees in regards to asking about the High Pressure EGR functionality, & the ease of returning the ECM back to stock. He was very knowledgeable & answered my questions very well.

I ordered the entire exhaust system, with resonator & no cat, along with the Stage 2 Malone ECM tuning, with the Express ECM shipping option. When I received the exhaust components, they were extremely well-packed & isolated from each other. The installation instructions were very detailed, which helped minimize the time it took to install the exhaust. While I was installing the exhaust, I shipped the ECM to get the Malone Tuning software installed – when I shipped it out FedEx Air, I was told it would take several days to get to your shop, so I was expecting 1-1 1/2 week turn-around. Much to my surprise, I received the ECU back within 2 days – meaning you installed the software & immediately turned around & shipped it back to me. Small details like that reflect the dedication you have to customer satisfaction – I really appreciate that effort.

I love driving my Jetta now – the exhaust note is almost unchanged at idle, but is very throaty & aggressive under heavy load. I love it!! I love the difference in acceleration the car has with the upgrade – I feel more confident in the car when passing other vehicles on 2-lane roads. Prior to the upgrade, I would normally get 40-41 MPG (mainly interstate driving) – now I am averaging 44-45 MPG with my all-time best mileage has been 48.9 MPG. Awesome to say the least!

I would easily recommend your company & product to anyone I know. If you ever design other products for TDIs (possibly other intake parts – compressor discharge piping, intake manifold), I would definitely purchase them from you.

Thank you,