CR140 EGR delete pipe


$150.00 USD


Made in the US, this GDM EGR Upgrade Kit is to directly address the issue with sludge and ice accumulation in the intercooler of the CBEA, CJAA, and CKRA TDI engines. Here is a good read on the issue that this kit is designed to resolve. VWoA has issued several updates to try to resolve this issue but this GDM kit is the only true fix. This kit consists of all the parts necessary to eliminate the high pressure EGR system on the applicable cars.

The cause of the sludge (which can freeze as well) is due to the design of the high pressure EGR system. The high pressure EGR is drawn directly from the left hand end of the exhaust manifold and piped (pipe crossing the oil filter housing with a white sock over it) into the intake. This EGR gas coming from the exhaust manifold can reach temperatures as high as 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. This hot gas is directed into the already cooled intake air after it has flowed through the intercooler. Precooled intake air will usually be within 10 degrees of ambient on these cars. This extreme temperature difference between the exhaust gas and the precooled intake air causes the condensation which becomes sludge like because of oil residue in the intake tract.

What we offer

We offer this CR Full EGR Upgrade Kit in two configurations. One is the Basic Kit and the other the Full Kit. The basic kit will bolt in place of the EGR valve but does not eliminate the ASV (anti shudder valve). It does require an ECU reflash to keep the CEL (check engine light) off. The full kit eliminates the EGR valve and the anti shudder valve. This is for maximum reliability. The basic kit will not change the feel of your car at all. The Full kit will result in a very slight shudder upon shutting the engine off. This is normal and does not negatively affect anything that we have seen over the long term. If you opt for the basic kit and the ASV should fail at some point, you would be forced to replace it as it will cause limp mode. A new replacement ASV is in the $400 range. This is why we offer the full kit, to eliminate such a scenario.

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