Malone Stage 1 tune for Mercedes 2.1L

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Due to circumstances outside our control, Bench Flash of ECM and Flashzilla tunes are delayed beyond our normal shipment timelines.

You will receive instructions via email along with shipping labels within 2 business days that the order was placed

Bench Flash Tuning

Bench Flashing your ECM is the cheapest way to get it tuned however it involves removing your ECM and sending to us so we can tune it on our bench. We make this easy for you by emailing you a prepaid ECM shipping label when you purchase a Bench Flash tune.


Are you having issues with your DPF? Are you having to waste your money on costly repairs? This tune will allow your vehicle to run properly and more efficiently with a Rawtek DPF Delete kit while conservatively improving overall performance.


  • +30hp and +53lbft over stock performance
  • Increased reliability, lower maintenance costs


Malone Stage 1 tune for Mercedes 2.1L - Rawtek Performance Fabrication Inc.